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4Productions provides a variety of standard products to enable straightforward SMS communication with your customers.

If you are a software developer, our XML web interface may be easily integrated into your software. The XML interface is built using up-to-minute development tools enabling developers to link SMS functionality with minimal fuss.

The gateway provides SMS access to worldwide mobile phones at the same fixed prices to those of the U.K.

As well as the outbound SMS gateway, 4Productions provides the usual facilities of reply SMS back into your software, back to email, in fact back to anything you wish.

We have a flexible can-do approach and provide SMS solutions to some complicated and unusual problems that customers have challenged us with!

There are other applications that you can download directly from here for your PC to send pictures or to Add-On to Act! Databases.


4Productions provide an SMS gateway via an XML interface that enables rapid integration with your existing applications whether they are web or pc based.

SMS has become the accepted norm for appointment reminders and a rapid method of information to a specific person. SMS texts have a 98% chance of being read, they are considered private and may be read at the users discretion.

SMS replies are handled by our flexible inbound gateway too, so your customers responses are not lost in the "ether"! We can accept replies into our internal databases ready for you to collect either back into your software or via an email.

We are open to all sorts of suggestions on how to integrate with your software and have done so for many different software development houses and individual customers also.

For further information on how we can work with you and your software please call.



4Productions developed SMS4ACT in 2006 and it has become increasingly popular over the years due to its simplicity, providing you with the ability to SMS your customers directly from your Act database.

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ITEC Systems provide one of the leading recruitment software packages available in todays market. 4Productions provide the SMS functionality behind ITRIS enabling the complete circle of communication between all parties.

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4Productions provide SMS facilities to literally 1000's of companies and all at different rates dependent on volume and how often purchases are made.

We do offer direct debit facility to ensure that your account is always in credit, if you are interested in direct debit, please download our Direct Debit Form, complete it and send to the address below

If, however, you require an immediate top up, please either call us on 0330 113 7979 or email us on and we will top you up immediately.

All credit added rolls over to the next month if not used.

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