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Businesses cannot survive without communication.

Whether that communication is between offices, staff or most importantly between you and your customers!

With that in mind, how important is it that your communication tools are robust, always available and effectively "taken for granted"?

4Productions aims to provide exactly that service, whether it is the text your customer has just received reminding them of their appointment, the mobile phone in your hand calling the office or even the video screen in front of you talking to your design team in Hong Kong.

We will provide the fully functional, fully resilient system and service to you with your business in mind enabling you to take your communications for granted!

4Productions is dedicated to the delivery and support of products that enhance your business communications. Our services are designed to meet and surpass your business’s individual requirements.

With over ten years’ experience in the communications arena and having built some interesting solutions provided to companies who said it couldn't be done, 4Productions continues to provide unparalleled IT solutions expertly tailored to best fit your business’s needs.

Rapid, reliable communication is paramount to a company’s business success; ask us for help with any of your communications requirements.


Alert5® is one of 4Productions many ideas, originally thought about in 2006 after hearing of a young girl who was abducted, raped and murdered and another who was attacked whilst walking home from a nightclub in city streets.

Instantly alert up to five designated people from your contacts list who would act accordingly, with a map of your exact location when you need urgent assistance. Handset tracked for 10 minutes after the alert is raised so that a predicted route may be identified.


Another product from 4Productions, CMEi2i is the future of high quality and secure video conferencing and data collaboration. CMEi2i aims to empower organisations, teams and individuals to communicate, collaborate and co-operate easily and effectively.

CMEi2i founders have successfully delivered software solutions from SME to FTSE 100 / Fortune 500 organisations for the last 20 years and our video solutions have been in existence since 1998 with over £20 million invested in product development.