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With today's ever increasing fibre optic reach and the increased speed of remote bandwidth, Video Conferencing will soon become the "modus operandi" for both corporate and small business communications.

The future of video communications is set to explode as the pricing structure becomes more feasible and true savings are demonstrated in very short time. There is still the confusion though of which path to take, is a boardroom solution the best or can we use desktop based systems. What about our employees in the field, what do they use, Movi (Jabber), IOCOM or Vidyo? What about our clients, what if we want to connect to them in APAC or EMEA. As for the kit, which supplier, Tandberg, Lifesize, Polycom, what is the best solution for both now and the future?

With all that in mind CMEi2i provides a portfolio of interacting products capable of linking any video endpoint to any other video endpoint regardless of manufacturer or communication protocol. We meet and demonstrate the products you have heard of and some that you haven't, then we tailor a solution to your exact requirements allowing for scalability ready for both sudden and scheduled situations.

CMEi2i provides the ability to video conference at handheld, iPad, laptop, desktop or boardroom level with equal definition and quality within a seamless environment.

Furthermore, a 24x7x365 human helpdesk compliments the service provided, ensuring a high quality video conference at all levels from single person point to point to full immersive telepresence.

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